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Shag carpet washing - norhaan - 12-08-2022 17:50

Shag carpet washing
Before you start washing, you must first get rid of all the dust and residues that are stuck in the carpet, by vacuuming the dust using a vacuum cleaner or a hand cleaner.
Then raise the carpet at an angle of 90 degrees to get rid of any residue that the broom cannot reach. We mentioned earlier that the most difficult step in cleaning shaggy carpets is to get rid of the residue that interferes with the pile of long carpets.
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Shag carpets are one of the types of carpets that are elegant in appearance, but all its problem lies in how to clean it. If we clean it well, your carpet will become elegant and good-looking, so after we have removed the residues between the piles of the carpets, we return the carpet to its first position and then start washing it.
Steps for washing shag carpets

First, we start preparing the laundry ingredients, which is a deep dish that contains a cup of laundry detergent powder, or preferably laundry gel, then we mix it with half a cup of vinegar and a full cap of stain remover.
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We mix these ingredients well in water, then we start putting a few of them in every corner of the carpet.
We start by rubbing the carpets well using the rough hand broom until the foam rises from it.
Rub all sides of the rug first to make sure it is clean, then scrub the rug in the middle.
Make sure to scrub all parts of the rug well to get rid of the stains.
While rubbing, try to clean in one direction lightly and not violently so that the hairs of the carpet are not cut or weakened as a result of rubbing in more than one direction. Shaggy carpets, unlike regular carpets, need great care in cleaning them.
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Some ladies prefer cleaning shaggy carpets using a dish sponge, the coarse part of it, in order to keep the carpet hairs from breaking or weakening. It is a slightly stressful method, but it is safe for your carpets, so choose the method that suits you.
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